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The latest news on Projects & Developments on Gudang Yadhaykenu Land & Sea

                                          Offical Statement of Gudang / Yadhaykenu Tribal Governing Council 

28th of February 2020

The Gudang Yadhaykenu Tribal Governing Council has plans to develop the Wandihnu’s Garden of Eden project on Utingu Province.

The Wandihnu’s Garden of Eden project will be a self sustainable bio-zone consisting of many different revenue streams that will boost the economy of Gudang Yadhaykenu Nation.

Items within the bio-zone are as follows:

Age Care Facility

Healing Centre

Health Care Retreat / Hospital

Finance Education Centre

Indigenous farming

Indigenous Bush medicine

Aqua Farming

Marina and new Jetty

A Environmentally safe and Sustainable Solar powered Housing estate.

With the assistance of Treaty Council, We have had the land of Utingu province monetised & the current market analyse values it at $222 million dollars.

The Wandihnu's Garden of Eden project is a $2.5 billion dollar investment into the indigenous economy of Gudang / Yadhaykenu nation on the lands of Utingu province

Wandihnu’s Garden of Eden project will provide an indigenous driven economy, as well as employment, housing, education and health care for the Gudang / Yadhaykenu nation and northern Peninsula area in Cape York.

Closing the  gap on the Allodial lands of our Gudang / Yadhaykenu nation is our priority and we see Wandihnu’s Garden of Eden project as a stepping stone toward that for us as a peoples.

For enquiries contact

Alex Wymarra


Gudang / Yadhaykenu Tribal Governing Council ATSIC

[email protected]​

Gudang Yadhaykenu Nation has its own Tribal Governing  Council.

20th of February 2020 

Official Statement*

The Gudang Yadhaykenu Tribal Governing Council has been established to support Gudang Yadhaykenu nation and all those living within Gudang Yadhaykenu tribal boundaries.

Our tribal governing council will be working autonomously to establish our own Gudang Yadhaykenu nation’s economy.

This involves different projects on country, which will include establishing ‘Wandihnu’s Garden of Eden’ a profitable, safe, environmental and sustainability project.

Located in Utingu province, 220 acres of Allodial land owned by the Wymarra clan of Gudang Yadhaykenu nation.

Lastly, Gudang Yadhaykenu Tribal Governing Council will not be working within the native title act or within DOGIT systems. And will be not working with Cape York Land Council.

For inquiries on GYTGC projects contact:

Alex Wymarra



Uncle George Pausa

Elder & Chairman

Gudang Yadhaykenu Tribal Governing Council

E: [email protected]